FIVE-7-FIVE: Monday Night Haikus (8/15/2011)

In this fast-paced world of professional wrestling, we all need to remember to slow down and be one with the wrestling world.  Seriously, you knee-jerk savages, serenity now and whatnot.

So relax with some herbal tea, put on your favorite Enya album, and let your mind free itself to the soothing events of last night’s Raw… in haiku.

I said HAIKU… not Haku.  Dammit, Pasco…

H gave Nash ticket
Perhaps His Latin phrase is
Now “Mea Culpa”

Here comes Del Rio
Knows key part to being champ:
Pictures with children

JoMo over Truth
A Falls Count Anywhere or
Office Space Death Match?

Jared’s Getting Fat
The Subway Diet Fails When
You Eat Twelve A Day

Pointless Divas Tag
Nattie & Beth as Top Heels
Laycool With Muscles

Why did Nash run in?
Maybe a text he got or
Maybe he booked it

JR’s cowboy hat
So far buried, not even
Black ref put it over

Uh… hey Otunga
Did SvR teach you to
Spam the same move thrice?

Del Rio beat Rey
Now a Target? Sponsors say
It should be Kmart

There.  I feel better already.  I hope that’s quelled all of your urges to post inanely on message boards now.  Ommmm….


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