Entrance Music Ripoff of the Week: Rick Rude (8/17/2011)

We all know the deal.  Ever since recording artists realized they could make money off of pro wrestlers using their songs as entrance music, the big promotions started to scramble to make cheap knock-offs or original abominations.  Unless I really run out of ideas, don’t expect to find the blatantly obvious ones in this weekly feature (DDP’s sounds like Nirvana? No way!  GTFO!).  I’ve got a strange ear for finding these songs, and a lot of spare time at work to troll YouTube.

Great theme, as far as WCW ones go, right?  Now check out this…

Rude’s theme really kicks in around the 1-minute mark when the vocals start, and you can go ahead and ignore Whitney’s 80’s-riffic synthesizer intro, since every dance song had one of those back then.  I fully believe if WCW was willing to waste the money on Whitney Houston, the songs would be indistinguishable.  The full blown ripoff comes at around 1:30 into “How Will I Know”, when you can almost play the two songs alongside one another.  When I first realized this, I could no longer hear Rude’s song without humming along to Whitney.  Try explaining that when you already get strange looks for watching wrestling.

I’m pretty sure the artist who designed the set in the “How Will I Know” must have done the artwork on most of Rude’s tights.  And since Rude was a wrestler in the 80’s, it’s safe to assume that both he and Whitney share(d) a deep-seeded love for cocaine.  Hell, imagine all the drugs she could have bought if WCW just asked her to record the theme in the first place.  I kind of miss innocent, adorable, 80’s Whitney Houston, which is why I didn’t include a current picture of her.  Now I hear her songs and all I can think of is her singing the same lyrics but about or to her drugs.  Sigh.  Damn you, Bobby Brown…


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