FIVE-7-FIVE: Monday Night Haikus (8/22/2011)

Close your eyes.  Picture yourself on the banks of a calm, but mighty river.  The current is mild, its constant flow tickling your ears like a loved one’s whisper.  Yes.  All is serene out here in nature.  Look.  I think I see William Regal making orange juice.  He’s having breakfast with Ludvig Borga, and they’re laughing.  Yes, this place is free of complaints, free of stress, and free of wrestling message boards.

Now open your eyes.  How the fuck else are you going to read the rest of this?

New drinking game rule:
Drink when Hunter theatens to
Return to wrestling

John & Alberto
Good, but not one announcer
Could call a ‘rana

Nat, Beth, to Divas:
“We want you to do something”
You mean, like wrestle?

Vickie’s on the ground
How do you explain that, Dolph?
“She fell down some stairs.”

Johnny Ace in charge
His first abuse of power?
Expense Halls cough drops

What’s next for Nexus?
Shoved in a box, labeled To:

Thanks, Steve Austin
Years later, WHAT’s still over
Seriously… stop.

Truth rapping again?
“You Suck” might draw more heat than
Kid Rock in Houston

How did Nash get back?
Even in a fake car wreck
He’d still tear a quad

Feel your inner spirit lift with every verse.  Now repeat after me: “I will not troll message boards tonight.  I am a contributing member of internet society.”  Until next week…


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