Entrance Music Ripoff of the Week: Razor Ramon (8/24/2011)

So, to give you a small look inside my weekly schedule, I typically use the slower afternoons at work to write blog posts for this, and the other site I write for (theothersports.com, cheap plug!).  But as Ben Pasco and John Tenta pointed out, there was a bit of an earthquake in Virginia yesterday, and my office was evacuated in the afternoon, leaving me zero time to write this week’s entrance theme ripoff.

But thanks to friend of the site and future contributor Will Hoefer, I was handed a theme ripoff that, well… let’s just call this me breaking the glass in case of emergency.

We’ve all heard the classic Razor Ramon theme song. Duh-duh-DEE-duh-duh, duh-duh; Rinse and repeat for a few minutes, add in a sweet horn section, and you’ve got gold. However, little did I know, that this legendary percussion bit was stolen verbatim from an Eagles song called “Those Shoes”. So, akin to Razor Ramon and poor Miami fruit stands’ apple carts, Jim Johnston decided to steal the beat of “Those Shoes” from Don Henley intro and presto! You have a primo wrestling theme rip-off! For those playing along at home; compare the first 15 seconds from both songs, and you’ll see the resemblance to be uncanny.

Afterwards, both the Eagles and Scott Hall both experienced career downfalls, and fell off the wagon harder than Ben Pasco in a Mormon temple. And with that, I’m out. So, in the words of Tino Tonitini, “later days!”

Thanks for having amazing timing, Will.  Didn’t think I’d have to use this right away.  Maybe you knew something about this earthquake… or perhaps caused it yourself.

Anyway, I never really listened to Razor’s theme isolated from crowd noise, but the WWE really got every nuance down, from the extra strike alternating on the upbeat (music geek moment) to the low guitar riff under the electronic drums.  Uncanny.  I had never really heard this Eagles song before.  It’s a side two track on their 1979 album The Long Run, following “Heartache Tonight”.  It was also their last studio album before coming back for Hell Freezes Over in the 90s, and recording a new album in 2007.

Now that I think about it… let’s think back before the greased-up hair and gold chains.  Scott Hall, back before his WWE debut, could have easily fit into The Eagles.  If only Fitzy could have photoshopped that.  I bet you’d barely notice.  Seriously.  The hair/mustache combo alone would give him at least a backing vocal role on “Take It To The Limit”.

But then again, I’ve had a rough night, and I hate the fuckin’ Eagles, man…


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