Hurricane Special: It’s Raining Meng before they were stars

Hello Folks, its Ben Pasco. Seeing as the Hurricane has destroyed any plans for the east coast I would imagine most of you are stuck inside right now, feverishly refreshing the homepage. If you got some time to kill, why not check out some articles/audio/ video from the ItsRainingMeng guys before we started the site.

El Pasco Texas: CM Punk and the TV Casualty : This is my favorite article I’ve ever written and looking back on it is even funnier. I wrote this before “Money in the Bank” and now I look like a total mark. Fuck it, I love it.

Alex Fitzgerald’s Personal Hell: Summerslam 2004: Before there was deep hurting, there was the personal hell and Fitz kills it in this. Such highlights include  the phrase “You raped my girlfriend! LET’S HAVE A CONTEST IN THE RING!”

Bryan Hughes rebooks the NBA Finals: Bryan hasn’t had much time to write articles yet, but when he does gold like this comes out. If you’ve ever wondered what John Zandig would do if he book an NBA finals, this is your chance to find out.

Alex Fitzgerald’s Most Homophobic Moments in Wrestling: Worth it just for the number one entry

Bryan and Ben UFC Podcast: Me and Bryan did a podcast about a year ago after one UFC show and it turned into conversations about how awkward it can get watching men roll around. Hard hitting Journalism

Tassles and Hassles: Movie I made about pro wrestling a couple of years ago that I’m still pretty proud of.

If you’ve ever wanted to see what the three of us were doing before IRM, other than being handsome, definitely check out and

Happy Hurricane folks, hope it doesn’t drunk crash into your house

-Ben Pasco

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