FIVE-7-FIVE: Monday Night Haikus (8/29/2011)

Oooooh… look at that nice new logo.  Totally what I had in mind when this idea was first born.  Thanks to Fitz for that one.  Now… to your happy place.

Picture yourself in a world where TNA is considered solid competition (and for good reason).  Where all the indies work together to form an NWA-esque coalition, and receive just as much coverage as what is now the “big two”.  A world where the Monday Night Wars don’t exist, because each of the three top players commandeer an entire night of wrestling programming of the week.

Yes.  This… this is your happy place.  And no one can take it away from you.

Mark your bingo cards
The draft no longer matters
…it didn’t last year

Dolph, Vickie, Swagger
Just how Eddie would want it
Lie, cheat and threesome

Mark Henry “wants some”
His track record isn’t great
A tranny, a hand

Now Christian’s here too?
Two on one, YES TWO ON ONE
(That’s your cue, sound guy)

Cole during Punk/Miz
Pointing out flubs. Who is he,

This Sin Cara thing
They’re not mentioning the switch?
It worked for Bewitched

“Air Boom”? That’s the name?
Well, Universe… this is why
You can’t have nice things

And now the Divas
Only one thing I can say
Fast forward button

Hunter’s next project
Should be “I’m Not Rappaport”
Theatre humor!

H Resigns? Divorce?
Nope, he gets to bury Punk
I guess that’s a swerve?

Now… you are at peace.  Until next week…


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