Entrance Music Ripoff of the Week: Jerry Flynn (8/31/2011)

I’m gonna get a little record-store-employee-ish on you for a second.  How is it that discussions of the best classic rock band take place, and Boston is so often forgotten?  Their self-titled album is such a great addition to anyone’s music collection.  (I wanted to say record collection, but got douche chills.)  Eight songs are on that album.  Three of them made the US Top 40 charts, and I guarantee you know more than just those three, as they’ve all received radio play regularly enough.

That’s “Peace of Mind”.  Track 2.  Not my personal favorite, but it’s up there.  I love playing this record at full volume.  It’s great summer driving music.

The man behind the band is really just Tom Scholz.  He’s what some of my friends would call a musician’s musician.  He was not a frontman that bear-hugged the limelight with an Andre the Giant vice-like grip.  He essentially played every instrument on the album, in a basement studio.  The only criticism he receives is in his lyrics, but is that honestly any better than a “bustle in your hedgerow”?  When the demo was sent out, Epic Records wanted to have it all re-recorded in a professional studio, but guess what?  Scholz’s home studio cuts ended up being used mostly anyway.  THAT’S the kind of musical perfectionist and craftsman he is.

Boston is not my favorite band.  I feel like I should clarify that, since I’ve been gushing.  But as someone who’s played music for most of my life, I would be remiss to neglect Tom Scholz as a virtuoso.  I mean… fuck.  That solo in “Foreplay/Long Time”?  You ever try to play that shit on Rock Band?

So when I found an entrance theme that ripped off “Peace of Mind”, I figured it had to be something epic.  A larger-than-life character, or maybe someone who had a rock-and-roll personality.  Or at the very least, someone who had a big impact for a short time, hot-shotted into a well-publicized angle or something.

Or Jerry Flynn.  Fuck…


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