FIVE-7-FIVE: Monday Night Haikus (9/5/2011)

This is your weekly peaceful wrestling moment.  Let go of fear.  Let go of anxiety.  Let go of that which forces you to angrily type.  This is your serenity in wrestling.  And no one can take it away from you…

Did I hear this right?
A pop for Super Shredder
And in this decade

So Nash sent the text?
Well.. if this was the nineties
Use Star-Sixty-Nine

This Khali angle
Can finish off just one way
Bollywood dance scene

R-Truth’s new music
Is no different. Instead
He joined MNM

Truth/Miz back and forths
Are even more Vaudeville than
Jim Neidhart as Who

Can’t write haikus now
Too busy marking out for
Zack Ryder on Raw

Orton & Slater
Made me realize one thing
I miss Action Zone
(alt 3rd line, also true: I miss Pettengill)

Cat out of the bag?
Survivor Series team name:
Los Rudos de Raw

Did you guys notice?
After counting all those falls
Scott Armstrong was gassed?

Internet pissed off
Cena overcomes odds again
Meh, I’m fine with it

Until next week…


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