Entrance Music Ripoff of the Week: York Foundation (9/7/2011)

This week’s is a strange one for me.  I’ll flat out admit that I don’t remember the York Foundation.  I know that they existed, and that all of its members have done other notable things in pro wrestling, but this was a time when I rarely, if ever, watched WCW.  However, I had a hunch, as I do with many of these that are stockpiled in a notepad file, from the moment I surfed through YouTube for ideas.  Take a listen.

First impression I got… this is some TV theme.  From the cheesy synthesizer to the swooping measures that blend from verse to chorus with little differentiation.  This wasn’t a radio song.  It came right from a television studio.

The thing about TV themes, especially those in the 90’s and earlier, is that the theme song set a tone for the show.  More often than not, songs with lyrics were reserved for lighthearted sitcoms.  Dramas got brooding instrumentals.  Not only that, but you could tell a medical drama or a legal drama from the theme.  Medical dramas always had some sort of hospital sound or effect in them, while I’d be kind of disappointed if I had to enter a courtroom and didn’t hear the familiar “claaaaaaaaaaaannnnnng” from Law & Order.  Equally as distinctive is this…

Like I said earlier… I knew nothing about the York Foundation.  But by listening to those themes and seeing pictures, I would assume they had some sort of law firm gimmick.  But nope.  According to my friend Jason…

the york foundation, led by alexandra york, was a stable built around using a computer to figure out strategies for beating opponents
but they were all supposed to be businesspeople
Michael Wallstreet (Rotundo), Terry Taylor
as Terrance Taylor
Richard Morton, Thomas Rich, etc.
they all wore business suits iirc
and they usually would win matches by using the fucking computer

Not quite the law firm gimmick I was expecting.  A wall street, number-crunching, analytics-worshipping stable?  No wonder they were around for about the lifetime of a market correction of a flash crash.


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One Response to Entrance Music Ripoff of the Week: York Foundation (9/7/2011)

  1. Ell says:

    York Foundation clearly rips off the theme of the TV show Dallas, not LA Law.

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