ItsRainingMeng presents: The Midnight Rider Society 9/7/2011

Professional Wrestling comes in all shapes and sizes, creeds and colors.  What makes Jim Cornette cringe can also make someone like me into a fan again. Despite what people, AL Snow, would say professional wrestling is subjective. Much like film or music, professional wrestling is in the eye of the beholder. With this weekly feature, the staff of itsrainingmeng and our friends set out to show you the type of wrestling we like. These are the matches we feel people should see, whether It’s because of the storytelling, moves, crowd or even because it’s awesomely horrifying. With that being said…

Submitted for your approval by the Midnight Rider Society….

BxB Hulk vs Shingo Takagi – 7/11/2010

Bryan Hughes:It’s rare in professional wrestling, these days, to see two competitors who, despite every honor, every angle, every main event, can ultimately be defined as one-half of an eternal rivalry.  Shingo & BxB Hulk are that.  Only when one or both retire will this every be over, and I can’t be sure about that.

This match is the ultimate blow-off which started when Hulk was kicked out of New Hazard by Shingo, the unit disbanding to form Real Hazard, and eventually Kamikaze, while Hulk joined up with World-1.  Hulk had already retired his famous entrance dance, and puts his hair on the line against Shingo’s in this match with such passion it made the Dream Gate match that followed look meager in comparison.

I don’t believe in spoiler alerts when it’s been this long, but Hulk’s loss is the most emotionally draining series of events.  Shingo plays the douchebag perfectly.  He’s not only stripped Hulk of every piece of his identity and dignity, he kicks him off of the chair, forcing him to be shaved bald while sitting on the mat.  He then criticizes him, and verbally demotes him to dark matches and curtain-jerking.  BRUTAL stuff.  For as much as people talked about Steen/Generico in ROH, this match made them look like two lacrosse bros arguing over who takes the first shot in a game of beirut.

Edouard Carpentier vs. Art “Boom Boom” Mahalik (Feburary 3rd, 1960)

Will Hoefer: First off, thanks to Ben Pasco for including me in the Midnight Rider Society.  This is a match from the World Wrestling Association (WWA) promotion in Los Angeles, CA, and pits Art “Boom Boom” Mahalik against Edouard Carpentier. For all intensive purposes, this is a seven minute extended squash match, but what a seven minutes it is. Carpentier is regarded as one of the great technical wrestlers of all time, and this match showcases a large part of his awesome arsenal. Mahalik, a big guy in his own right, is just made out to look like a fool against the WWA World Champ Carpentier, who has the crowd going absolutely nuts for his stuff.

What amazes me about this match is that it still holds up, even after 50 YEARS. It seems like Carpentier, in his prime, could walk right in to about any promotion on the planet and get over as an expert technical wrestler, even with his 50-year-old arsenal. Fantastic showcase of a revolutionary wrestler’s best holds, and should be mandatory viewing for anyone wanting to watch classic mat wrestling.

New Jack vs. Mike Awesome: ECW on TNN

Alex Fitzgerald: New Jack hits people hard with weapons. Mike Awesome hits people hard and throws them around like rag-dolls. They were both brutal in the ring for different reasons, so it’s really interesting seeing a culture clash like this. Joel Gertner being Joel Gertner is also a giant highlight as well.

The Smoking Gunns vs. Barry Horowitz and Reno Riggins

Ben Gordon ( On one side, the Smoking Gunns  a team consisting  of Billy and Bart.  They were multi-time WWF tag team champions and soon to be future clients of Sunny. One would go on to be an integral part of one of wrestling’s most famous factions. The other would go in an infamy as winning a shoot competition only to have his ass handed to him by a large man in American flag trunks. A worthy tag team in the mid 90s if there ever was one.

Then the other side: The greatest tag team that only teamed together once (at least that I’m aware of.) This team was a force to be reckoned with, but the politics of the backstage WWF scene in the mid 90s led to their “greatest team ever” status being cut short. The team in question consists of legendary Barry Horowitz and the greatest professional wrestler in the history of the world – Reno Riggins.

These two teams had a back and forth classic that would be remembered for years to come. It narrowly made the 3 disc DVD set of the best of Monday Night Raw 1993-2008 by only the slimmest of margins. The chemistry shown in mere moments by Riggins and Horowitz would go on to inspire future great tag teams such as The Hardy Boys, The Dudley Boys and Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire. Sadly, they came out on the losing end of this epic contest but the spirit of their short-lived run as a tag team continues to live on in the hearts and the souls of future tag team champions everywhere.

Real talk. This is a pure squash match. But the fact that two enhancement talents got such sweet ring jackets makes this worthy of your time.

Harley Race, The Masked Superstar, and Ric Flair vs. Blackjack Mulligan, Dick Murdoch, and Wahoo McDaniels

Matt Ryan ( If you don’t like this match…. Fuck you. If not for the content, then the context as it is six of the greatest wrestlers of all time in one ring. Watch. Enjoy. Shut your whore mouths.

Paul London vs. Akio: December 2004

Ben Pasco:  I had planned on something else for this week, but see as half the people here decided to travel back to the pre-internet days I came up with something new. This match is one of those forgotten gems that people like me are destined to remember. In 2004, this was the craziest match you could find on WWE television, and to be its everything cruiserweight wrestling should be. Paul London and Akio have an absolutely tremendous TV match without overdoing it. The unspoken star of the match may be Josh Matthews on commentary who lets the match speaks for itself and really puts over one spot, I won’t spoil it, by simply saying ” Holy Shit”. In 2004, this was the match that got me really into Paul London and may have been the nail in the head of my love of independent ‘rasslin.

Meng of Constant Sorrow Match of the Week: Meng vs. The Giant on Nitro

This match takes last week’s Barbarian vs. Meng formula and amps it up even more. This time around it comes across like a lion finding a crocodile on the savannah and all hell breaks loose. This match may be similar to last weeks, but I dig it even more. Especially awesome is the finish of the match, which sees Meng lose but still come across as being the badass we know he is

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