FIVE-7-FIVE: Monday Night Haikus (9/12/2011)

This is your moment of peace.  This is your personal CM Punk promo.  No one can take this away from you.  Your serenity is a microphone.  And no one will cut your mic…

Uh… Holy shit. Bret
Seriously. Bret on Raw
Why not announce this???

Obama’s job plan
Illegal Canadians
Will work for poutine

Boy did the crowd die
With A-Ri’s new finisher
It’s the TK-Ugh

A Miz/Truth promo
Walking, Must be directed
By Aaron Sorkin

The perfect tag team
King buries guys in the ring
Cole does it on mic

Lawler’s pick this week
They couldn’t bother with a
King Sheamus throwback

Want a summary?
Ricardo being awesome
There. That’s my review

Henry says he’s due
How can I cheer Orton, when
The heel has a point

Smarks are all pissed now
Cause Hunter and Punk only
Got seven minutes

Your next champion
Based on what the people want
It’s an ice cream bar

Until next week…


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