Entrance Music Ripoff of the Week: #5 – Berlyn (9/14/2011)

I don’t pretend to know anything about opera.  As someone who enjoys music with zero caveats, I’m intrigued by it, but I always had trouble getting into it.  Not knowing the stories behind it, the lyrics I need a translation for, and honestly, the pompous stereotype that goes along with it.  However, it’s impossible to not recognize this…

It’s called O Fortuna, and its lyrics come from a poem written in the 13th century, part of a collection called Carmina Burana.  The words of many of these poems were put to music by composer Carl Orff, and the themes are universal, where they could still be understood and related to hundreds of years later.  The poem O Fortuna acts as an invocation, a prayer, to the goddess of fortune (starting the prayer by begging “O Fortuna”).  The speaker of the poem surrenders all control over his/her life, giving in to fate, speaking of a cosmic path, a predestined outcome to existence, fate which “strikes down the strong man”.

At the very least, I like to think I’m saving you the time of searching Wikipedia for it.  At most, I’m hoping that people who aren’t familiar with the song respect the shit out of it.  It’s worth reading the English translation of the poem.  It’s powerful when spoken, and fucking monumental when performed musically.  Seriously.  If you didn’t click the first video, do it now.  If you did, listen again.  It’s the kind of loudQUIETloud that would humble The Pixies.  Hearing O Fortuna performed live should make hairs on your barber’s floor stand on end.

Really… I’m telling you this because this week’s entry is probably well-known, but misses the mark way more than any sports team or MMA promotion does.  Hell, at least those guys have used the real song.

It STARTS OUT on the wrong note.  And all those powerful crescendos and decrescendos… gone.  Honestly, what was the point of remaking it?  Were they afraid Carl Orff would return as a zombie requesting royalties?  Was the music department of WCW so arrogant?  What the hell are those lyrics anyway?  I ran the poem through Google translate for a few languages, German, Italian, back to Latin… none of them match what I’m hearing.  Did they make up lyrics then mumble through them?

You know, I’m not even upset about Berlyn being its recipient.  Outside of the Undertaker using it for his druids, no one can do this epic piece justice.  It’s unfair to ask anyone to do that.  As for poor Alex Wright?  Well, the Berlyn character got the quiet part right in his debut, but fizzled out quickly, though not entirely his own fault.

Then again, Duggan would probably fucking no-sell the shit out of the song, too…


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