congratulates… Antonio Cesaro?

If there’s one thing we don’t do at IRM, it’s SCOOPZSZZS~!!~!!11oneoneone!!

However, I feel it would be remiss if we, as a collective, didn’t acknowledge and send our heartfelt congratulations to Claudio Castagnoli, who has been christened by FCW as Antonio Cesaro.

Back in the day, Ben and I were a part of a podcast called Tope Con Coolio, and Claudio was our first interview.  After frantically preparing and IMing back and forth over what questions we would ask, what we ended up getting was the most natural, comfortable, and fun interview.  Here’s a fun clip where we get to hear about one of Claudio’s favorite wrestlers growing up: Papa Shango.

Claudio has been one of the nicest people, in and out of wrestling, that I’ve ever met and had the pleasure of speaking with, even for as short a time as it was.  I speak for all of us at when I say that there is no one in the independent wrestling world that we could be happier for.  This is an opportunity long overdue, and Claudio is one of those great people in the world of wrestling who deserves all the success we hope he gets.



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One Response to congratulates… Antonio Cesaro?

  1. The Right Honourable says:

    All I want to know is: when is he going to be joined by John Heroson?

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