FIVE-7-FIVE: Monday Night Haikus (9/26/2011)

Yep.  It’s Tuesday at noon.  You know what that means.  What… you want a daily affirmation?  I’m tired.  Affirm yourself, dammit…

Thank you Triple H
Getting rid of Lawler now?
It’s right for business

For one night only!
See! All in one ring, it’s a
Cavalcade of Heels!

It just came to me
I understand the angle
Sheamus fights black guys

Still can’t decide yet
Which I’d prefer: Cole on Raw
Or anal bleeding

This makes me a mark
But I smiled when I saw
Punk’s jacket returned

You ever feel bad
When a comic bombs on stage?
That was Del Rio

The thing with Ryder
With all this ‘Net love, they can
Book old school screwjobs

What if Long made their
Come on… you’d mark out

Mason Ryan?  Really?
So last week, when Dolph said that…
Really?  Mason Ryan?

David Otunga
May have found his new gimmick
Jacked Clarence Mason

At Hell in a Cell
Let’s hope we get just one thing…
Yep… anal bleeding

You calm and peaceful yet?  No?  Well… at least your anus isn’t bleeding.  If that’s anywhere remotely close to real, there’s gotta be some delicious, delicious irony in that ailment…  Until next week.


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