FIVE-7-FIVE: Monday Night Haikus (10/10/2011)

Shh… let your mind clear.  Let emptiness surround you.  You exist, for the moment, in a vacuum, devoid of wrestlers, commentators, referees, production crew.  They’ve all vanished.  It is just you… and a couple of top faces.   And Punk’s on commentary.  Here we go.

Raw with no talent
Can’t be so hard, right?  I mean
Turner found a way

The production truck
Were they easy to sway, or
Hunter’s on music?

A four man crew now
Should be easy for Punk, he’s
Worked for Ian once

Holy crap, it’s Vince
And he dyed his hair brown now!
Oh, Hunter’s gone, too

Everyone shakes hands
The faces too? Don’t want to
Be like the Young Bucks

Nice touch, the street clothes
But Mark Henry’s in his gear?
He always wears that

“Have you ever tried
To pick up your teeth with…” is
That rhetorical?

Orton voiceover
But he comes out with no mic
Wow, he’s really loud

Divas tag match ends
And now, here comes Johnny Ace
The joke writes itself

Ace brings back Miz, Truth
Why? Didn’t they start all this?
Hint: cause he’s a heel

Remember.  Even though the peace of an empty Raw lasted roughly 1/3 of  segment… no one can take that moment away from you.

Until next week…


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