Entrance Music Ripoff of the Week: #8 – Paul Heyman

So I was with the lovely gents who brought you Heat Stroke, Will and Fitz, and it was suggested we watch a circa-2004 episode of Raw.  Not just any episode… the post-Wrestlemania draft episode.  Heyman & Bischoff jawing at each other, having creepy, homoerotic staredowns at any opportune moment, and a cavalcade of midcarders swapping brands, splitting up tag teams left and right.

But that’s not what this article is about.  It’s about Heyman himself, finding the proper balance of playing the chicken shit heel general manager (neck brace and all, courtesy of the Undertaker), while having face tendencies when pitted with the mega-heel Eric Bischoff.  Hell, Bischoff just needed to put his face up on the Titan-tron at the start of the show to get the crowd into a frenzy.  He was back… and better than ever.  (This made for a very easy-to-parody theme.)  Heyman, however… had this:

Man, they really picked some of the worst shots of Heyman there.  Anyway… sound familiar?  It should…

(Wait until Thunderkiss kicks in, of course…)

Yeah, I know.  It’s no surprise the WWE tried to recreate the music used by ECW talent.  It’s kind of obvious.  But I had totally forgotten about this one, since it was such a short stint in Heyman’s on-screen career.  Rather fitting, though.  A watered-down ECW theme is apropos for booking that Heyman, himself, would probably consider watered down.

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