“A _____ is a Person At Your Indy Show”: The White Trash Fan

Mitch Albom wrote an emotionally manipulative book titled, “The Five People you Meet in Heaven”. I have no idea what the books about, but I’ll assume it’s sad and everybody dies of ALS in it. That being said, the title of that book led to a conversation with young Alex Fitzgerald about pro wrestling shows. It seems that no matter where you go, WWE, Chikara, TNA, Backyard, NWA:Backyard, that you’re going to find people at every show. With that idea in our head, and a general desire to mock others in our souls, we decided to launch our new weekly feature.  This week, we focus on ” The White Trash Fan:

Name:“The White Trash Fan

Age: Too old for that haircut

Signature Moves: Thinking it’s still real to them dammit, unappreciating good matches, being filthy, being trashy, being the stereotype we all have to deal with.

Bio: While rare to the Northeast, the white trash fan will make appearances from time to time and remind us all of the wrestling fan stereotype. This fan lives primarily in the Southern area, convincing himself that if the job and the ditchdigging plant doesn’t work out then he can always make it as a rassler. With a beer in one hand and an annoying kid on the other, this fan is a force to be reckoned with.  He is a close cousin of, dude who always runs in to the ring.

Because “The White Trash Fan” is a person at your indy show

-Ben Pasco

Picture by Will Hoeffer

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