FIVE-7-FIVE: Monday Night Haikus (10/17/2011)

Here we are once more.  Only in Mexico.  So… there’s that.  Little known fact… thanks to the exchange rate, these haikus are worth more.  Here goes:

New era of Raw
Hoped Ace had his own trademark
Like Bischoff’s dumb face

Good things already
Ace has brought one plus so far
New sponsor: Luden’s

More Ace improvements!
Since last week, fifty percent
Increase in bro-hugs

Trios match? Just a
Midget, two trannies away
From real lucha shows

Minor suggestion
To improve Punk & Hunter:
Buddy cop movie

Cole said to Lawler
“You don’t know Miz like I do”
Biblical sense? Gross

Hunter deported?
What is this, an indy show
Over in Europe?

Vickie, Dolph & The
All-Mexican Mexican
Yep. That’s the joke, guys

Swagger hasn’t seen
Jingoist heat like this since
Since the Bolsheviks

I know he’s from there
But I didn’t think Mason
Would sound so… so… Welsh?

Wow, Cena’s OVER
But what was the crowd shouting?
No me puedes ver

Until next week…


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