Entrance Music Ripoff of the Week: #9 – Alicia Fox

Ah yes… this one’s so damn infectious.  It’s also impossible to un-hear, and enough people have told me about this one that I decided to use it, even though I always thought it was a little too obvious.  Here’s Nelly, with or without his St. Lunatics, doing the typical radio-friendly southern rap stuff.  One of his pieces of drivel was “Hot In Here”, or “Hot In Herre” or “Hot In Jim Herd” or something… take a listen:

It was pretty catchy, and you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing it and getting people to dance.  Admit it, we all knew the words, or at least part, and could do that mumbling lips-moving thing to act like we knew the rest, or took an opportune time to sip our drink when we didn’t know the next line.

The point is… here’s Alicia Fox’s theme, and dammit if you can’t sing every single lyric to it.  For some reason, her theme is named “Shake Yo Tail”, which makes me think of the Ray Charles scene/song from Blues Brothers.  They really could have just named it “Hot In Her” and been entirely self-aware, ridding my need to write this column.  Alas…

It’s nothing earth-shattering here, but it’s pretty fascinating how similar the two are in careers.  Both showed up in a bit of a shuffle, then found their way to shine on their own among their peers, and now, years later, both find themselves lost in the shuffle once more, each doing collaborations mostly (Nelly as a featured artist, Alicia in multi-diva tag matches).

Actually, now that I think of it, maybe it’s “Hot in Hurrrrrr”….


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