Bryan’s Entrance Music Ripoff of the Week: #10 – Flying Elvises

Apologies for taking a week or so off, but this feature has moved to Thursdays, mainly because of Must See Thursdays… okay, it’s actually because of Must-Write-Articles-During-Class-Wednesday-Night.

I have my good friend Jason to thank for this entry.  I didn’t watch TNA back when it was a weekly PPV, and am happy to be blissfully ignorant of its entire existence.

Well, with a group known as the Flying Elvises, which included Jimmy Yang, how can you go wrong?  Well, being a three-man mid-card (at best) group can probably be enough to kill any sort of push.  I mean, unless you’re in Mexico, how many six-man tag angles can you really throw together?  But that’s not what this is about… listen to this theme:

Dear God… were they even trying?  If you couldn’t figure it out, it’s this ultra-radio-friendly song by a band that really could have been more than a pop rock darling…

Seriously… they’re not even trying.  I mean… there are ripoffs of themes, and then there’s just blatant plagiarism.  What confuses me the most is that they try to put an Elvis-themed spin on the song.  But it’s Kryptonite.  It can’t be anything else.  Does that mean someone thinks Three Doors Down sounds like Elvis?

Or maybe Three Doors Down is ripping off Elvis?  This just became a seriously meta article, if that’s the case.  I’m really troubled by this.

Elvis was a master of so many genres, and this really showed with some of the less-popular projects before his death.  Gospel, blues, swing, straight up rock, he could do it all with style.  His voice was radio-friendly, while his dance moves and gyrations at the time were the exact opposite.

Elvis was an icon.  Three Doors Down are a top 40 rock music also-ran.  I suppose that’s more befitting the Flying Elvises.  Oh, Flying Elvises, how we miss your silly gimmick.  Now we’re Here Without You.  If only you had told us that, You won’t always be there, so love me When I’m Gone.

Ugh… I feel ill after writing that.


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