FIVE-7-FIVE: Bryan’s Monday Night Haikus (11/15/2011)

Raw’s a big three-hour special featuring the Rock.  In fact, the whole point of the show is that the Rock is there.  And Mick Foley as a bonus!  So… how bad can it be, right?  Right?

Michael Cole challenge
Three games kills fifteen minutes
Needs more Backgammon

Cole can’t work the scale
We need someone who’s used one
Where is Crash… oh, right

Hunico’s new group
Needs a name… yep, you guessed it
They’re Dos Boricuas

(See?  Cause it’s the second version of… and… oh… okay… moving on..)

Cody’s promo ruled
No more mask, but it’s okay…
He’s dashing again!

Santino’s not pissed?
Even after Ryder took
His comedy spot

Rock shows up at 9
The three hour show is for him
He thought it was two

This Is Your Life, huh?
I think I know how this goes…
Waiting for Yerple

Don’t try this at home
B-Squared teaches a lesson:
Rabies kills careers

Lyle the Dog? Is…
That code for “working Japan”?
Thanks, @NotThatTomGreen

Jack Swagger’s entrance
Is just one big metaphor
He’s pushed up and down

Kelly got into
Wrestling by modeling…and…
Not by… say… wrestling?

Sorry, everyone
I honestly got sidetracked
This Raw is dragging…

Rock driving a tank
Dude must be delusional
Thinks the movie’s real

Fine, I will say it
Even with Rock and Foley
Raw was no High Noon

Until next week…


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