FIVE-7-FIVE: Bryan’s Monday Night Haikus (11/22/2011)

For the record, these haikus are delivered via satellite.  Enjoy.

Raw opens with Punk
God, that felt quite good to say
Punk with the belt… nice

An Office Space quote?
That came out twelve years ago
What counts for current?

A plea to readers:
Just for one moment, please show
Trending now: Haikus

Zack Ryder’s facewash
Makes me remember one thing:
Man do I miss Joe

I love little things
Like Swagger drawing the line
And then crossing it

So, When it’s Sheamus,
It’s an Irish temper; But
Orton’s got issue?

I’m not gonna lie
That whole Nash segment? Meh, I
Fast forwarded it

Cody and Booker?
Wonder if they’ll say how he’s
Faced every Rhodes

This one’s too easy
Cole, the heel, blasts Obama
Fuck yeah, politics!

It was a good match
But the best part of Punk/Dolph
No-sells Vickie’s flirts

You know, I really
Can not bring myself to care
About Cena/Rock

Awesome Truth break-up
I bet it was booked under
Code Name: Jannetty

Until next week…


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