A Very Special Thanksgiving Message from Ben Pasco

I’m thankful that as a kid, I had two Ricky Steamboat LJN Figures. Naturally I drew a goatee on one of them and made him the evil Vic Steamboat. To this day, I don’t know what Vic Steamboat looks like, but when a goateed Ricky showed up in ROH around 2004 my childhood universe was beyond shattered. A lot of kids had zero action figures, but I got duplicates that allowed me to live out Apter magazine fantasies.

I’m thankful that my dad took me to so many wrestling shows as a kid despite the fact he ALWAYS sat next to the dude who should have bought two seats.

I’m thankful that my mom never threw away the giant Foam Finger Bret Hart I got as a kid. I totally found that while cleaning out my brother’s closet last week. That lady has put up with so much of my crap, and I know she’ll read this because she’s a total mark for googling her name. I’ll assume that’s where I get it from. (I realize that she probably won’t search Ben Pasco’s mom, but it’s the holidays so give me the gift of that joke).

I’m super thankful that in every article I can bring up the time I did the bird dance with Koko B ware in a high school gym. I really can’t hard on how much that still makes me smile.

I’m thankful that a denim jacket with a 1992 Shawn Michaels on the back has proven to be my legitimate good luck charm.  Despite it’s good luck, plans to wear it while standing in front of a train have been put on hold until I workshop the idea a bit more.

I’m thankful for the weird friendships and situations I’ve found myself in during this past year. Because of professional wrestling I shaved my head, saw the Great Sasuke sing karaoke,  met some awesome friends, drunkenly elbow dropped a driveway from a deck, ran around my house screaming like a small child, ate at the glory of Wawa, ate at the glory of Tony Luke’s,  ate at the unglory of  Subway in Danbury CT while I’m pretty sure two Brazilian ladies talked about me, blared the CZW theme  at full volume  while driving through a tollbooth in order to keep the driver from falling asleep,   bought a girl a life-size Undertaker cardboard cutout as a romantic gesture ( which worked by the way), got to sit and watch Indy wrestling  a mile from my house, got to sit on a bus for 8 hrs while a lady started to sleep on my shoulder, laughed, cried, and mainly smiled.  I wouldn’t trade this year for any other of my life, and ‘Rasslin as much to do with it as any.

Mainly, we’re all thankful for you people that support us and let us geek out about something we all dig. On behalf of the IRM staff, we’re most thankful for you.

Also, Meng…we’re thankful for him too.

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