Bryan’s Entrance Music Ripoff of the Week: #11 – The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers

Man… let’s just put it out there.  Who doesn’t love this theme?  I mean, honestly.  If there ever was a guilty pleasure section of wrestling themes, this tops the damn list.

Come on.  You felt your 80’s hair and your leopard print spandex rocking during that.  How great is that?  The synth that just drowns out everything, even the vocals at some point.  That driving beat.  It provided such the ridiculous contrast to these two French Canadian dudes jogging down with Jimmy Hart and his fleur-de-lis jacket.

Now give this a listen…

Bon.  Jovi.  Nothing is more 80’s, nothing is more iconic of that glam-pseudo-pre-metal sound of an era like Bon Jovi.  And this might not be as big a ripoff as other entries, but at the very least, I would love to have a DJ mash these two songs up.  It works.  Trust me.  The heavy, polished synth riff of “Runaway” fits what the WWF was trying to go for.  The beat and singing cadence are very similar too.  Not much doctoring of the theme would be needed to fit one into the other.

Funny, though… this is more like the heavy metal (well, hair metal) than the Barry Manilow the Rougeaus claim to love.  Then again, I don’t see any themes ripping off or even using Mandy or Cop…

Oh.  Right.  This guy.  Oops.

You’re getting this on Wednesday because I’m sure all of you will be too busy watching football, eating gross amounts of food, and awkwardly conversing with relatives on Thursday to check the site.  We return to Thursdays next week.

To all of our readers, new, regular, and irregular, we at IRM are eternally thankful for you all for spreading the word about the site.  As always, have a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving.

– Bryan

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