FIVE-7-FIVE: Bryan’s Monday Night Haikus (11/29/2011)

Here’s a holiday one to get you started:

Uncut, uncensored
And uncooked. Bad advice for
Thanksgiving dinner

Piper’s Pit? Why… the…
FUCK… wouldn’t you… I don’t know

That’s not John Cena!
That’s Chester the Molester!
(That joke was for Fitz)

Finally, the crowd
Hears “Stone Cold Steve Austin” and
Doesn’t yell “WHAT?”…. shit

Morrison’s write-off
Johnny Ace head shake made him
The Poochie of Raw

Really, Otunga?
A Harvard Law degree makes
You telepathic?

It’s official now
The dumbest thing Cole has said:
“Methodical stomp”

So they do recaps
Of Smackdown on Raw because
No one watches it?

Kane resurrected?
Funny, I didn’t even
Know that he was sick

They say it’s been months
Since a title match on Raw
But… that’s a good thing

Punk and Del Rio
In the main event picture
They still boo Cena

Smackdown tomorrow
No, seriously. I know.
I didn’t know, too

That’s it for me.  School and work’s been a bit crazy, but we’re getting rolling again after the holidays.  Until next week…


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