RR Week:ItsRainingMeng #8: Interspecies Battle Royals with Timed Intervals

This week on the show is a two parter tht clocks in at an awe inspiring 80 minutes of content. In the first half, Ben and Interspecies Wrestling President Mike Rotch sit down and preview a bit of GAnamania, their upcoming show and first IPPV. We say a bit because along the way Ben and Rotch discuss pooping, Predator, Ja Rule and so much more. Check it out and then order the Ganamania live on Ippv Friday Night.

Check out The Details Here

The second half of the show revolves less around Ippvs and more about regular PPVs, aka THE ROYAL FUCKING RUMBLE. Ben, Bryan and Fitz are back together to discuss all their favorite Royal Rumble memories and analyze the rumble. During the course of the journey they discuss Al Snow’s poor Royal Rumble strategy, Mike FalconeArrows, the difference between Haku and Meng and so much more. All that plus Bryan watches the 1990 Royal Rumble during the show and randomly proclaims the things he sees. It’s a fitting way to celebrate the Royal Rumble, here on itsrainingmeng.com. As always thanks to our friends at CSTCNetwork.com for hosting our show.

(Rotch Interview goes 38 Minutes and then RR Talk right after that)



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