The IRM Review: School of Roc: Class Wars…. Episode 1

Even with the advent of The Internet, wrestling companies have fallen stuck into the same molds.  Every Indy Wrestling company has a formulaic system for their youtube channel. There will be a small web show, there will be videos that are promos, there will be DVD trailer, there will be blood,etc. There are a couple companies that even do online TV shows, but once again it’s just a TV format on the internet…which makes it less appealing to steal. I’m not saying anything is wrong with what works but there always comes a time that you look for innovation. Innovation in a good way, because there are companies out there that I beyond dislike.

Enter the School of Roc: Class Wars

It’s not a complicated format, and it won’t completely revolutionize wrestling but it’s something different and fun (even though I’m debating banning the word FUN from all pro wres talk).

Having watched the pilot (I sound so fancy when I say that.), the premise of the show is simple. Head Trainer Billy Roc is sick of people asking him who the best student of the School of Roc is. He decided to invite all the School of Roc kids, and non student Reed Bentley.  It’ll play out in a scenario with Five Weeks of preliminary matches, which will then be used to help seed an 8 person tournament to determine to School of Roc Champion.

The Competitors are as follows: Remi Wilkins, James Reeves, Trash Cassidy, “Big” Sue Jackson, Nate Stone, Logan Williams, Dale Patricks, Reed Bentley, and Tripp Cassidy.

As you can see there are 9 competitors, meaning that one of them will not be making the tournament.

To me, this is like WMAC Masters meets the ultimate fighter except without ninjas, Shannon Lee, Dragon Star Championships, Dana White, or The Tapout guys randomly sitting there.

Where the show really catches my attention is during a segment “after the introduction” where the cameras are still rolling and they catch a near fight between two of the stars. After that, it jumps into a series of interviews with all the students discussing the issue. To me, this was just awesome and I’m disappointed that this is one of the first times I’m seeing this. They went to virtually everybody’s take on the matter, and not just the guys involved. I know Cornette has his hard on for MMA lately, so I would suggest he steal this from the School of Roc…..and then book all of them. Taking it a step further, they even do that interview before the match. Nobody is over the top in any of these, but it plays off as what the guys really feel or think.  This is more Post match Chael Sonnen interviews then pre match Chael Sonnen hype.( Wrestling  Observer Editor’s Note: WRESTLING AND MMA ARE THE SAME)

The actual match itself was pretty good, but I’m not one to analyze things move by move. It’s the nice little touches that make me happy, like having Tracksuit Billy Roc with a whistle instead of a bell. The matches are filmed in front of only the School of Roc kids, thus giving it a Lionheart feel. Holy shit, as if this couldn’t possibly get better I just made a logical Lionheart reference in a review. I didn’t have to shoehorn in any of it. I love this show even more now.

I fully endorse School of Roc: Class Wars, even though I’m waiting for Carly Shane to make an appearance as “Big” Sue Jackson’s manager.

Overall: As far as pilots go, it’s not as great as Friday Night Lights, but its better then The Office.

( I hope Billy Roc becomes the Eric Taylor of this show)

Ben Pasco is the head writer and dictator of He enjoys power metal, calling people as Heath Ledger’s Joker and drunk tweeting about all the people he doesn’t like. If you have any feedback on the article, always feel free to shoot us an email at

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