Fitz & Bryan Ruin the Classics: Episode 0 (Pilot) – 1992 Royal Rumble

As promised, a new feature has been added here to

The intro describes it pretty thoroughly, but here goes.  Anybody can make fun of terrible wrestling.  Hell, we all do it.  But we here at IRM are going to shit on some of the finest wrestling of the modern era.  I hope you enjoy  our new segment called… FITZ & BRYAN RUIN THE CLASSICS!

This is only the pilot episode.  Long story short: Fitz and I were watching Rumbles in preparation for this year’s, and we decided to watch the ’92, arguably one of the best of all time.  Then we started shitting on it.  Figuratively.  Otherwise that would get messy.  Then he started recording it.  Then I put it together and uploaded it to Youtube.  Enjoy!

PS. I promise they won’t all be this long.  And we’re working the kinks out.  This was recorded hot off the heels of Royal Rumble week, so we wanted to do a Rumble.  Next week’s official first episode is a normal match, and a doozy.

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