Mustache Madness: (8) Ron Simmons vs. (9) Kings of Wrestling

We really throw a curve-ball with this match-up as our first Tag Team has entered the tournament and they hope defeat Ron Simmons and prevent their Doom. The selection committee felt that in order to allow such a wide berth of competitors, and given the fact that Kassisus Ohno/Chris Hero has only recently entered the follicle fray; it was only air to combine him with noted sideburn/beard expert Claudio Castagnoli. These two are fairly recent to the bristly battles, and so they find themselves in a tough spot against Ron Simmons. Despite a short flirtation with clean shaveness in the mid 90s, Ron Simmons has rocked a mustache like very few men have. Can the Kings of Wrestling overthrow of King of Mustaches? This is going to be like the hundred years war except for the part it is completely dissimilar. Damn.

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