Mustache Madness: (4) Damian Demento vs. (13) Boris Zukhov

This is a match that could main event any Indy in America that didn’t plan on drawing a crowd. In one corner is the easily mocked Damian Demento, whose Genghis Khan inspired facial hair stood out as the only significant thing in his career. For the first time in his life Demento has a chance at a tournament victory as he stands toe to toe against equally depressing, Boris Zukhov. I mean, he’s facing the dude who was the SECOND to Nikolai Volkoff. The addition of Boris to the tournament has drawn controversy, but we here at the selection committee stand by our decision. We voted him in as a 13 seed under the “Give Boris Zukhov SOMETHING positive in his life” ideology. Two perennial jobbers stand toe to toe, but which man will stand with his beard held high.

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