Mustache Madness Day 4: (5)Rick Rude vs. (12)The New Freebirds

Both of these combatants were trend setters for the generation they entered into. Freebirds where the test subject of the Rock n’ Wrestling generation and Rude was the primordial ooze of which the empowered sleezeball heel fully formed into. These characteristics aside, these two are very well known for the facial plumage that propagated their faces for the majority of their careers. Garvin and Hayes with ridiculous at times beards that morphed the pretty boy and rocker and then later Garvin’s sleazy porno stache that made him seem like the type of guy that you saw in early 1970’s stag films who was your PE teacher in middle school while Rude’s stache is a legend. We cannot imagine him without it. I’ve seen him without it a few times while watching early 90’s WCW clips and it just feels wrong. “Ravishing” Rick Rude was personified by the mustache. It help push him from creep, to absolute ball of slime and social reprobate that only cared about denigrating women for his own personal and perverse pleasure.

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