Mustache Madness Day 4:(8) Randy Savage vs. (9) Bryan Danielson

It’s the War beard vs. the Crazy man beard as Danielson faces Savage in our opening round. Two men better known for their abilities as wrestlers then the plumage on their punnums. Savage and Danielson really have one set defined look that we all know and remember. But there are those rare times that they have become a little more outlandish with their looks. Savage in his time in Memphis (running ICW with his father and brother in opposition to Lawler and Jarrett) he rocked the crazy man beard like no other. It became a little more manageable till his “Old man at the club”/divorced dad look in WCW. Danielson has made the War beard cool and fashionable. Danielson now has it managed and looks quite good with it. Danielson grew his beard as a testament to his manliness, but did Macho even consider that idea before he rocked his iconic beard. It’s one of the toughest tossups in the tournament between two men who are as likely as any to make it to the Facial Four. Ohhhhhhhh YES YES YES

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