Mustache Madness Day 5 (1) Don Frye vs. (16) Delirious

When choosing the brackets for this tournament, we first picked all the competitors and then broke them up randomly in groups of 16. The one agreement we all shared, was Don Frye and Dan Severn could not be in the same bracket. If we were to do a power ranking of the number 1 seeds, they would be tied. Don Frye has a mustache like few others, but will the appearance of Dan Severn affect his ability in the tournament? Will people choose to go against the grain and vote for an unorthodox competitor like Delirious? Delirious has a mighty beard that is not to be ignored, but he’s going to need his entire fanbase if he wasn’t to knock off Dan Frye. Is this the beginning of a potential Don Frye/Dan Severn showdown….or will Delirious take this tournament to the edge of sanity?

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