Mustache Madness Day 6: (1) Mike Knox vs. (16) Masada

When it comes to men we’d prefer not to run into in a dark alley, both of these men rank in the top 10. When it comes to beard we wish we had, both these men rank in the top 64…but right now only one of them will move into the second round. Mike Knox had an interesting WWE career, as he was universally despised in his initial WWE run and regarded as just another big guy. However, when he returned in a preSanta beard, it seemed that the more his beard grew then the more his talent grew. Mike Knox’s beard may be the first instance of wrestling talent being connected to someone’s facial hair. Masada has no need for that silly game though; because Masada doesn’t fight he beats people up. The CZW World champion’s beard is not nearly as long as his reign as Ultraviolent Underground champion, but it is as impressive. In a fist fight, it’d be a close call…but it’s your votes that decide which one of these men walks into the second round with the beard scalp of their opponent.

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