Mustache Madness Day 6 Results

Mike Knox (80%) def Masada(20%)

Iron Sheik (64%) def Bugsy Mcgraw(36%)

The Blackjacks (100%) def Jim Duggan

Ted Dibiase (62%) def Jesse Ventura (38%)

Previous Results


Big Bully Busick (100%) def. Darkness Crabtree (0%)

Bruiser Brody (55%) def. Amish Roadkill (45%)

Don Frye (72%) def Delirious (28%)

Rick Steiner (71%) def Oliver Humpderink (29%)

Earthquake 63% def Jimmy Del Rey 38%

Dan Severn  52% Def Manny Fernandez 48%

Rico 56% def Bad News Brown 44%

Jim Neidhart 70% def Joey Ryan 30%

Boriz Zukhov 53% def. Damian Demento 47%

Lou Albano 83%  def Lash Leroux 17%

Magnum TA 76% def Paul Bearer 24%

Grizzly Redwood 79% def. Jake Roberts 21%

Sue Jackson 51 % def. Jimmy Valiant 49%

Hulk Hogan 68% def Billy Graham 32%

Dutch Mantell 61% def CM Punk 39%

Ron Simmons  74% def Kings of Wrestling 26%

Rick Rude 86% def The Freebirds 14%

Daniel Bryan 57% def Randy Savage 43%

Necro Butcher 63% def Hillbilly Jim 38%

Triple H 100% def The Rock 0%

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