Mustache Madness Second Round : (6)Hulk Hogan vs. (3)Bruiser Brody

If the DeathValleyDriver Sleaze thread is to be believed, this was almost the ending of Wrestlemania 1. The story goes that promoters were offering Bruiser Brody lots of money to jump and beat up Hulk Hogan to ruin the WWF. Obviously that never happened, and I’d like to think the reason being that Brody knew he’d finally have a chance at Hogan in our Mustache Madness contest. It’s a simple matchup that Hogan fought his entire life, the Hulkster vs. The Monster.  Will Hulk overcome the odds this time, or will the ghost of Bruiser Brody be too much to handle. Also, why is Brooke Hogan relevant still? Fuck her.

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