Mustache Madness ‘Stache Sixteen: (1) Dan Severn vs. (4) Col DeBeers

Either one of these men could have been a champion, but instead they each do battle with one going to the Extremely Hairy Eight. Col DeBeers has been quietly amassing his victories in the tournament against the likes of Scott Hall and Iron Sheik, but has his apartheid loving luck run out? Dan Severn has been choking out the competition, but his matchup against Manny Fernandez proves that he is not invincible. Severn was one vote away from an upset, and DeBeers is an even tougher competitor than the Raging Bull.  It’s America vs. Africa, and as usual only the whites are represented. What an accidently racist tournament.

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Voting Ends at 2:00 PM Tmrw.

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