Fitz and Bryan Ruin the Classics… Is Coming

Hey everyone, Bryan here.  This would normally be where you see me posting this week’s RtC, but let’s be honest… it’s Wrestlemania Week.  We can’t just give you the same old episode like we have been for the last few weeks.  We need something… BIGGER.

With more GIRTH.  Something that fills the holes of emptiness inside your deep, moist crevices.

Wait, what are we talking about again?

Right.  We got a big, larger-than-life project coming out this week.  A FOUR-PART RtC/HeatStroke collaboration featuring all the guys you don’t bother listening to at ItsRainingMeng because you’re only here to vote on mustaches.

So check back here tomorrow through Saturday at the same time, because like Val Venis… it’s COMING…

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