Fitz and Bryan Ruin the Classics: Episode 6B – Mania XV for real this time

So what did we all learn from this?  While done with good intentions, YouTube and the WWE don’t give a shit about said good intentions.  We tried to do something nice for you all, and it turned out not quite how we planned.  None the less, while we could consider Heat on Wednesday to be this week’s RtC, consider this a nice bonus for your listening pleasure.

It’s done more like Rifftrax in this case (for fear that uploading the video will send mean YouTube thugs to my apartment).  Very simple.

1) Download the audio file here:

2) Get ready to play the 2+ hour file in whatever audio player you damn well want.  You can even play it in the player!

3) Find your copy of WrestleMania XV, someplace like say… oh I don’t know… here:  (This is NOT an IRM uploaded file, just a link to what we found on YouTube through a simple search.)

4) Start both things at 0:00:00, and enjoy!

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