Match of the Day: Kaentai vs Taka Michinoku and Bradshaw (WWF Over the Edge)

Holy shit is this match awesome. This match combines  my two favorite things in wrestling, fast paced cruiserweight matches and dudes getting killed. The match pretty much works as a vehicle for Taka to get beat up my Kaentai who show off all their ridiculous moves I don’t think anybody had seen stateside in the late 90s. Dick Togo especially is on fire in this match with his cool moves and his obnoxious heel laugh. Once they tag in Bradshaw then we see all of them DIE A MILLION DEATHS over some ridiculous Bradshaw clotheslines and boots. This is such a weird and cool match that I remember seeing live on PPV at the time and not appreciating. Check it out after the jump and prove childhood Ben Pasco wrong..

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