Mustache Madness Championship Round: (15) Sue Jackson vs. (1) Brodie Lee

One Mustache. One Beard. One Champion

Brodie Lee has been a favorite of this tournament ever since he was announced as a number one seed.  He came to this with victories over Steve Austin, Ron Simmons. Grizzly Redwood, Jim Neidhart and Ox Baker. He’s rarely found himself in trouble in the tournament and won most of his matches in convincing fashion. Not only has he found himself in the finals, he’s in the finals as the only beard left standing. The age old war between beard and mustaches will be decided in this matchup, as he’s got to deal with “Big” Sue Jackson.

Only one vote changed the fate of destiny for Sue Jackson. In his first round match with Jimmy Valiant, the young wrestler won his match by a single vote. This would be the last close matchup for Sue as his internet supporters have seen fit to give Sue dominating after dominating victory. Cinderella has become the King of the tournament (poor analogy), and nobody could slow him down.

This match is in your hands, Sue Jackson supporters must keep going and rise above lateness to ensure his victory. If you’re Team Brodie, you need to strike and RT before Sue’s army gives him the victory.

 For this matchup, Voting will go until 10:00 PM Tuesday Night. We will announce the winner live on the debut of our new show “Holy Shit That Happened”. You have 36 hours, cast your votes and declare the winner of Mustache Madness.

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