PG 13( JC Ice and Wolfie D) vs. The Smoking Gunns(WWF)

I really think PG 13 is the most underrated team in pro wrestling history, and I submit this match as exhibit A.  PG13 were little guys who knew they were little, and used that size to create such despicable,cocky little runts who you believe could steal a victory from you at the drop of a hat. The Smoking Gunns weren’t a bad team, but I can’t remember any match of theres I’d ever enjoy as much as this. Wolfie and Jamie were a team capable of being amazing bumping heels, comedic geniuses, and surprisingly athletic. When you think Memphis teams, you don’t imagine landing on your feet out of backbody drops but that’s what they did in this match. It’s a quick watch and a glimpse into an awesome tag team who needs more love.

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