Will talking the NFL Draft on “Some Stupid Sports Show”

Hey guys, it’s me, Will. I figured that even though it’s not about wrestling, you guys should head over at the Card Subject to Change Podcast Network, and check out a nifty little podcast that I was a guest on this week, called “Some Stupid Sports Show.” I spent the first half of a very good overall podcast talking about the NFL Draft with the host of the show, my good friend Matt Ryan. Besides, even if you’re not a fan of the NFL, or even sports as a whole, there’s a ton of content over at the CSTC network that you might want to check out, like “The Programme with Matt and Ben,” “Asked and Answered,” “PCW Saturday Night Slam Masters,” and much more! So, go check those guys out, and enjoy me and Matt talking about a draft that we’ve never protested!

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