Ben Pasco Presents: Tassles and Hassles the Crowdfunding Experiment

Hey guys, long time no see. If anyone still checks out IRM…then take a look at this project I”m working on for Tassles and Hassles the Series

Check it out Here

We’re two affable, stunningly good looking, and positive adjectivey, guys from Massachusetts who have come here to Indiegogo with an idea. We’re both recent college graduates who have always wanted to collaborate with sketch comedy, but particularly the idea of a web series. For years we have bandied about ideas for premises and parodies, for sketches and spoofs, for web series and short films but real life is a fickle mistress. We have bills to pay, we have families to support and most importantly we’ve never had the right maelstrom of equipment and motivation…until now.

With your help we would like to begin work on a project we both love, based on a short film Ben created in college called Tassles and Hassles.

The original Tassles and Hassles, which is that video above you should watch…go ahead…I’m waiting…, is a simple premise. Given the complex algorithm that goes into roommate selection processes at colleges, what if you weren’t given a best friend for a roommate? What if you weren’t even given the roommate from hell? What if you found yourself sharing a dorm room with a pale, shirtless, face painted weirdo who think he’s a professional wrestler? Nothing has been as fun as creating and shooting that film and it’s an idea that’s lingered around our heads for a long time. We’ve pitched countless ideas, texted each other constant concepts and it all comes back to one question.

What would happen to the Pro Wrestler roommate in the real world?

That’s the basic idea being coming to indiegogo…we want to take the concept of Tassles and Hassles and bring it to you. Not only that, but with the money we raise we want to explore all of our other ideas too and bring the world the strangeness inside our brains for good and bad.

We want to the world to see sketches like Danzig with the Stars, The Jesse Ventura Supernatural Talk Show, and much more. FIrst though we want to use thi money to make our pet project a reality.

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